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Whether you have questions about the contact procedure, social health insurance or private
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Question 1: What kind of treatment will I be given?

Our patients are examined using the latest diagnostic methods. The centre has an excellent range of medical equipment. The doctors always spend plenty of time with you.

Question 2: Who will perform the treatment that I require?

All doctors are highly specialised. During consultation hours, all doctors are always present. If you wish to be treated by a particular doctor, this will be organised.

Question 3: When does treatment take place?

During consultation hours or by appointment, e.g. early in the morning or late at night.

Question 4: Where will I be treated?

Examinations, diagnoses and minor interventions are performed in the Ligamenta Spinal Centre. All spine operations are performed in the partner hospitals, in Frankfurt in the Red Cross Hospitals and the Katharina-Kasper Clinics and in Darmstadt in the Marienhospital.

We place great importance on a pleasant stay for our patients. You as the patient will feel safe and comfortable. Although your recovery and healing process are our topmost priorities, you'll still feel like a guest and not like a patient.

Question 5: Which methods of treatment are offered?

We treat the whole spectrum of back and spine diseases. Highly complex operations, such as scoliosis or tumour diseases, are also performed. An excellent technique is the TESSYS method, a new endoscopic intervertebral disc operating procedure.

Question 6: What benefits does the patient have from the new endoscopic disc operating technique?


  • small, scarcely visible scars
  • less injury to tissue along the access path to the ruptured disc and less risk of nerve injuries
  • no side effects due to full anaesthetic
  • very short in-patient time
  • short recovery time, allowing rapid return to work
  • fewer rehabilitation measures and better quality of life thanks to less pain medication*

Question 7: Which health insurance companies will pay the costs?

Our doctors forego public health insurance licencing. The advantage is that the doctors then have sufficient time for their patients and their treatment.

Question 8: What happens after treatment?

Our many years of experience have led to close cooperative structures with family doctors, other medical specialists, physiotherapy clinics and regional and specialised national clinics. Thanks to regular contact with our cooperation partners and the continuous further development of these cooperative structures, as our patient you will always receive the optimal diagnosis and treatment for you.

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