Methods of treatment


In the course of osteoporosis, there is increasing loss of bone mass, which is evident as a deformation
of the bone structures. The patient perceives this deformation as piercing, and sometimes as dull,
gnawing pain. The massive loss of bone mass occasionally causes vertebral fractures.Vertebroplasty
attempts to compensate for this loss of bone mass by injecting initially fluid bone cement. Under local
anaesthesia, a needle is employed to puncture the vertebra from the back, under constant visual guidance
of the surgeon.Following exact placement of the needle, the bone cement is injected into the vertebra.
Within a few minutes the cement hardens, resulting in the internal stabilisation of the bone structure and
the rapid alleviation of pain. Due to the local anaesthesia and the additional administration of painkillers,
this form of treatment is virtually pain-free. Vertebroplasty is an alternative to operative or conservative therapy.


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Methods of treatment

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