Methods of treatment

Decompression operations

This operating method is employed with patients who do not respond even to intensive conservative
treatment. Besides the intensity of the pain, the occurrence of neurological symptoms (e.g. paralysis)
indicates the need for surgery. The distance that the patient can still walk and the patient’s degree of
activity are also considered here.The goal of the operation is the mono-segmental or multi-segmental
decompression (expansion) of the spinal canal. Depending on the extent of the disease, the operation
can be performed either using the minimally invasive or the micro-surgical technique.

Two operating methods are possible:

Bone decompression by removing the structures restricting the spinal canal. Today, the undercutting
method provides effective strain relief and ensures the continued stability of the spine. This operating
technique can be employed multi-segmentally without problems.In the case of serious instabilities in
the spinal region, the spine must first be stabilised using spinal instrumentation with screws. We describe
this procedure as spinal fusion (spondylosyndesis).


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Methods of treatment

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