Methods of treatment

Corrective operations for scoliosis/kyphosis

Access to the operating site is independent of the type of curvature of the back or abdominal region.

The advantage of the front-side procedure is that only a small number of vertebrae must be included
in the stiffening zone, so that good residual mobility and function of the trunk remain intact even
following the operation. However, this operation cannot be performed with every type of scoliosis.

Access from behind has the advantage of greater primary stability and also enables excellent possibilities
for correction. Rib prominence and lumbar bulge can be almost completely eliminated by both access paths.

Assuming no complications, a hospital stay of two to three weeks can be expected today. The extension
or traction treatment used in the past is now employed only in rare cases. The currently available
implants allow corset-free follow-up treatment and mobilisation.

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Methods of treatment

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