TESSYS - Minimal invasive Spine Surgery

The spine-treatment of the future: TESSYS

TESSYS is a new surgical technique for interventions around the spine.
In opposite to conventional surgeries, the TESSYS method working only with a fine endoscope on the spine.
This precise method remainis only little scars and the hospital stay is shorter.

Instead of having to take an open surgery, you can use the TESSYS treatment often without pain and suffering.

TESSYS - How does it work


  1. We will place a small endoscopic tool in your spine spine.

  2. Only through a small endoscope we can remove the pain-causing tissue and strengthen healthy tissue.

  3. After treatment, the endoscope is removed simply. In addition to a barely visible line leaves no cuts and scars. A few hours after the operation you are back on your feet.


  • short hospital stay
  • no Injury of muscle and connective tissue
  • very gentle, painless and simple
  • almost no scarring
  • short recovery time

We from Ligamenta prefer the TESSYS method because we see them as treatment of the 21st century. In a fast-paced world, it is important to get back on your feet quickly and with no lasting side effects. Our doctors have accompanied many patients with the TESSYS treatment on the a back-pain-free life. Be advised by our experts and find out alternatives to major surgeries. Ligamenta Spine Center in Frankfurt is your expert in all questions and problems surrounding the spine.


Animation TESSYS prone from Ligamenta on Vimeo.

Your Benefit: Tessys and Ligamenta

  • fast, painless procedure
  • minimal intervention, maximal effect
  • very gentle, almost without scars
  • exclusively by medical specialists
  • outpatient upon request and without general anesthesia

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